Communication – NAJA PRODUCTION
Audiovisual consulting

From listening to needs to delivering the film, our team of professionals is there to advise and guide our client in all stages of the production of the product: script writing, filming, logging, editing, finalization … and thus guarantee complete and adapted service.
Business communication consultancyWith a varied clientele, we are open to your requests and requests. We adapt to your needs and are committed to satisfying your deepest desires.

Consulting in graphic design and dressing

NAJA has developed in-house its own post-production structure allowing it to design: 2D, 3D, TV or web packaging as well as the processing of most special effects (tracking, motionblur, green background, 3D inlay in a film, etc. .). We can bring you a plus for your dressings of tv, web content and your graphic creations.

Multimedia, design and production

NAJA uses cameras exclusively in high definition which allow to obtain a result with an exceptional image. The sound recording can be done in a simple way or in multitrack. Multitrack recording consists of recording each microphone separately so that you can remix them in the studio afterwards. So there are as many tracks as there are microphones on stage. We have advanced techniques allowing you to make your broadcasts live.

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