We offer practical training in the main audiovisual fields. We give our learners innovative tools that make them essential in the competitive job market.

We facilitate their professional internship in Germany.
Refresher journalism students for the JRI

This training contributes to the practical training of journalists by providing practical training to future media presenters and ensuring permanent retraining of journalists who are journalists and image practitioners.

Audiovisual techniques: Notions of shooting and sound recording

You are a beginner: before you start body and soul in the production of your audiovisual project, you must have essential knowledge to start your work. From the basics of framing to the most advanced techniques, you see and acquire the techniques intended to take beautiful images and give meaning to your audiovisual projects.

Indeed, for your production to be successful, the quality of your images is essential because it is the raw material of your film, short film or any other audiovisual production that you wish to make.

Documentaries, dramas, tv programs and web videos

These trainings will allow you to approach the cultural and technological mutations linked to audiovisual creation and innovation: script writing, writing training, audiovisual production and production. With experienced professionals, you will develop new skills by practicing fiction production training, taking script lessons or learning how to make a TV program that can be broadcast on our NAJA TV web platform.

Video editing and sound mixing

This training allows you to list the basic functionalities to mix a project in a professional way, directly on your Final Cut, Première, Avid editing software or directly on Pro tools. Use the tools of the sound engineer. Consider the project until finalization

Graphic design

This training will allow you to acquire a large part of the theoretical and practical skills of graphic design. With the objective of taking into account the multiple facets of the graphic design industry as well as its processes: the graphic and production process, the effective transmission of a message, the working methods of professional graphic designers, the constraints, challenges and changes in the profession.


The professional photographer is versatile, curious and creative. He is called upon to prepare and take shots in several specialties (portrait, fashion, documentary, reportage, etc.). He can choose his subject himself or respond to a specific customer request. The photography training allows apprentice photographers to acquire technical and artistic know-how to become a professional photographer.

Community management and digital marketing

This training helps you to Develop a community marketing strategy adapted to its brand and its products, To measure the attachment of its communities to its brand and their ability to promote it, To define and pilot communication levers adapted to social networks.

Introduction to screenwriting techniques

Writing for television or the web is even more demanding for the screenwriter than writing a screenplay for the cinema. The very specific formats of television fiction, the expectations of broadcasters, the audience which varies according to the channels, the schedules, for fact we offer training adapted to your needs.

Audiovisual internship organization in Germany

NAJA as a German-Cameroonian company wishes to make you benefit from the cutting edge of technology and audiovisual techniques in the country of Göethe. Thanks to our many partnerships, we can facilitate the possibility of doing audiovisual internships in the largest audiovisual companies and German television channels.

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