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Gratia MAHOP is passionate about acting. Originally from Cameroon where she spent the first years of her life, it is in the west of France that she grew up and became aware of her love for art. During her years as a colleague and in high school, her first steps on the stage were in classic plays such as « Fin de Partie » by Samuel BECKETT, « A Midsummer Night’s Dream » by William Shakespeare, « Le Cid » by Corneille etc… She divides her life between exotic travels (where we find her artistic side preferring the wild landscapes of the Mascarene Archipelago, passing by the hot sands of Agadir instead of the megalopolises such as Buenos Aires, New York or Las Vegas) and higher studies in a cycle of engineer in food production. But once she graduated, she didn’t see herself working behind a desk all her life. So she decided to make a 360-degree turn and put her degree « in the closet » in order to devote herself to her passion for Acting.

Very quickly, she joins a school renowned for having trained the greatest French actors « Acting International » based on the method of the actor Studio. Not losing sight of her goal, she did not hesitate from the beginning to go through casting but which will eventually bear fruit notably Thomas NGUIDJOL’s feature film « Fastlife » where she plays a bimbo alongside the French rapper KAARIS, then Noemie SAGLIO’s « Toute Première fois » alongside Laurent LAFITTE from the French comedy, the detective series « Emma » broadcast on TF1; And very recently the crime series « Alice NEVERS », « Le rêve Français » by Christian FAURE with the actress Aïssa MAÏGA etc… ..

This love for art is reflected in his motto « ActingOrDie » and in his life. She has been training NAJA actors for 3 years in Germany and even plays a role in the TV series NAJA. Her charm, her maternal instinct, her ability to master several languages and to pass on her knowledge and experience to others make her a great communicator.

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