President & Chief Executive Officer
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President & Chief Executive Officer

Wesleg Nanse

When it comes to business, he’s in his own world. Almost a natural environment. Wesleg Nanse is a businessman and entrepreneur. He was at the head of the industrial company Prometalex GmbH based in Germany as co-founder and Managing Director. After more than ten years of experience in the field, he is today a specialist in business creation and development rather well known in the field.

After his studies at the Universities of Heidelberg and Heilbronn in Germany, where he was able to acquire a solid education in medical engineering while specializing in information systems management, this entrepreneurial, writing and basketball enthusiast is also the author of a book on e-learning and the future of medicine.

In the business world, he hates one-leggedness. That’s why he has diversified his business sectors by extending them to the audiovisual world. He is the author and executive producer of numerous programs and content for television, including a television series.